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      Christmas Barn Gift Shop 

  Wide Selection of:
Ornaments & Local Gifts
Lights and Decorations
                             Tree Stands                          

The Christmas Barn Gift Shop is filled with Paintings by Claudia Rahm,  Goat Boy Soap, Wren House Soy Candles, Brookview Maple Syrup & Hundreds of Unique Ornaments.  Personalization Available.  If you are real lucky, you’ll hear John Angevine play Christmas Carols on the Robert Morton Theater Pipe Organ, a real treat! 

The Wreath Factory

Open Weekends 10-4:00 

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The Wreath Factory is open for visitors on weekends and located across the street in the Harvest Barn.  We make our own garland, planters and wreaths, both mixed greens and boxwood. Watch how wreaths and garlands are made.  Fresh mixed greens bunches are for sale.  Perfect for decorating around the house and filling outdoor planters.  $15

Yellow Farm Dog Cafe 

Open Weekends 10-4:30  


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40 Angevine Road | Warren, CT 06754
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