During the treatment, more and more people do not want to spend money on expensive drugs if there is an opportunity to purchase the same medicine online, but much cheaper. Important! When you buy an analog of a prescribed drug, please pay attention to its strength and form. They must match!

Kent Station Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.2)


38 N Main St, Kent, CT 06757, United States

(860) 927-3725

Kent Station Pharmacy has friendly customer service. Quick response time. Home delivery is a huge plus! Incredibly fast service. They have my refills ready before I even walk in!  Excellent customer service. A great asset to our growing community. Highly recommend.

Was an ok place. A lot of younger kids for supervisors and planograms are terrible. Then the pharmacy is a joke. Get told it would be an hour on refills, and then after that hour, they say another 45 mins. Last time I kept getting told that til I ended up waiting for 3h19m. I’d go home and back but live 60 mins away.

ViaQX Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.1)

266 West St, Litchfield, CT 06759, United States

(860) 567-0856

They have the best prices and fastest service. Their prices are even better than Good RX coupon prices. The pharmacist, Kevin, and his wife Tyler is super friendly, and it’s overall a great experience every time.

Viaqx Pharmacy is everything we expect in a pharmacy, and even more, it’s all we could want! If, like me, you take daily (or another regular interval) medications, then you probably want a “home” pharmacy to manage them for you, to ensure that your medications are available when you need them, and to advise you of any recalls or other issues that affect your prescription regimen. If you are looking for professional, friendly service, well, we can find that in lots of pharmacies, right? I want a friendly, professional service that is individualized to me because I am important to my pharmacy staff. I want a pharmacy where I am greeted by name, and my pharmacist is familiar with my medication regimen and my medical conditions. A pharmacist who works with my doctors when necessary to get me the optimal medications for my needs or to ensure that medicines I’m prescribed don’t interact in a harmful way. I want a pharmacy where the staff really takes the time I need to listen to my concerns. There’s a pharmacy that really does all of this: Viaqx Pharmacy. It’s a lovely, clean building. The pharmacy stocks a variety of over-the-counter medical items. And they stock local artists’ and crafters’ goods! You can always find something unique and cool there! Within all of this ambiance are the husband and wife staff members, whom you’ll consider family after a visit or two. Knowledgeable, personable, and kind, they encompass everything pharmacists ought to be. I’m never “spoken down to” or treated like a number. I’m known and cared for as a person. I can’t say enough good things about Viaqx Pharmacy! You’ll have to go and see for yourself that in the era of big-box store pharmacies and health insurance-driven care, a place and people that harken back to simpler and friendlier times still exist. Most highly recommended!

Towne Apothecary (User Rating: 4.9)


95 Main St S, Bethlehem, CT 06751, United States

(203) 266-5501

The staff is wonderful. They deserve a medal for all the rude customers they have to deal with on a daily basis. I usually drop off my prescription and sit and wait for it. The amount of rude intitled people is crazy. I feel for them. And they keep a smile on their face through the verbal abuse they get. I have had nothing but great experiences with this pharmacy. And I’ve gone here for years.

Towne Apothecary is the worst pharmacy they have in Florida, except the Lem Turner one. They both are terrible. They have poor communication skills. They are rude. They look at you like your a drug addict.they also are putting new rules of 2020. They won’t take any discount apps. That ok, there a Winn Dixie right behind you that will. And they’re cheaper and nicer.

Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Center (User Rating: 3.0)


1 Kent Rd, New Milford, CT 06776, United States

(860) 354-5554

I tried calling Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Center, and after being on hold for an extended period of time, they hung up and cut me off, so I have to start the process all over again. Ridiculous! Called to check the status of my husband’s script, was hung up on 4 separate times. Now I need to wait 20 minutes in their Northrise store before I can pick up his meds.

They have a great staff and a very helpful Pharmacy team. This location is always clean and well-stocked. They even have a Redbox outside.